Thursday, May 05, 2011

My Southern Fried Yard Bird....

So tonight i made Wesley's Fried Chicken or Yard Bird as we call it in the South......

"From the Urban example is just a chicken thats it thats all u need to no
do u want some yard bird
hell yes"

First put thawed yard bird and cuts you like, in a zipper bab or bowl w lid, i use 1 16 oz Texas pete red sauce, marinate in this for 12-30 use your favorite chicken breader, i use House Autry
you must use a cast iron frying pan, some call it a skillet, if you use a modern thin pan you chicken will burn and cook too fast, hell the oil may catch fire! I use vegetable oil........Fry turning to keep it even, put some paper towels on a plate to place cooked chicken on when you remove it from the oil.


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